Body Language – A non Verbal part of an interview

If you are reading this blog, one thing is for sure that you surely would have given an interview for a job at some point in your career or are eagerly looking for one that comes your way.

After the interview, have you ever wondered,

  • Why was I rejected?
  • Wasn’t asked a lot of questions?
  • Interviewer did not look interested in my profile?
  • Interview ended way too early?

If these are some of the questions that come to you mind after the interview, believe me you need to work on, what I call is the Non Verbal part of an interview, The Body Language . This is that time of the interview when your body language takes over and what you speak become more or less irrelevant.

Let me explain this with the help of an example and state a few facts here:

Particularly if you are a fresher, you need to take care of the minutest of the details when you go for an interview, Like

  • What you wear?
  • How do you commute to the place of interview?
  • How many copies of the resume should you carry and in what(a folder or a file)?

And once you reach the venue, your idea should be to impress anyone you meet in that office, you never know you might end up meeting your interviewer in the reception area where you would be sitting ideal waiting for your turn for the interview.

Now when it comes to the all important interview time, be prepared that people are sitting there to judge you, right from the point you knock on the door of that interview room, to how you enter the room, how is your approach to the interview table, how you greet them, how you seek their permission to sit on that all important hot seat, how you hand over your resume and to how you leave the interview room etc.

All of this is primarily Non verbal part of your interview, yes you are speaking a few words here and there, but primarily, it’s your body language which is speaking louder than your words and is getting judged at the same time.

Various studies reveal that in a typical fresher’s interview 80% of the candidates are rejected because of the non verbal part of the interview, it’s the body language which is the make or break for over 80% of the candidates in an interview.

So buckle up job aspirants, it’s imperative that you not only work on your resume but on the Body Language too.